Buyer Premium By The Numbers

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The Seller’s Bottom Line Auctioneers and auction companies can charge sellers a sales commission or a buyer premium.  Working with an auction company that charges a buyer premium will benefit the seller because it generates more revenue when compared to a sales commission. Increased Revenue Selecting the right auctioneer will impact the revenue that is […]

Multi-Parcel Auctions

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Traditional methods used by many auctioneers tend to favor buyers who have deep pockets and this often times leaves single-tract buyers at a huge disadvantage. A Multi-parcel auction puts all buyers on a level playing field, regardless of how many tracts a buyer intends to purchase. When multiple lots/parcels/tracts/properties are owned by the same seller […]
True vs. False

A Phone Call About An Estate…

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An Almost Typical Day In The Life Of An Auctioneer… We had a call today (30 June 2016) asking about our estate auction services. By Way Of Background… This person had recently experienced the death of a loved one and are now needing to handle the settling of the estate. About Us… I offered condolences […]
Being A Good Steward Of Clients Assets

Being A Good Steward Of Your Client’s Assets

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Stewardship is not often thought of by many in business today – or should I say that it is when it comes to the business owner’s interests and not their client’s. Auctioneers are the fiduciary of their clients and are morally and ethically to always do what is in their client’s best interest. That is […]
Home Staging Study

What Do House Staging Result? Nothing!

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A current research study discovers that home-staging solutions have an effect on a house’s price that results being under what many people believe. How much does a gaudy violet wall surface color scheme impact a residence’s sales price?  Very little, based on brand new research on property staging. Making a good impression may help with […]
Selling Real Estate

The Advantages of Selling Property at Auction

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Discover Advantages Of Selling Real Estate At Auction According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive some 83% of people believe that auctions are a way to find good deals. Those with a home for sale or other property for sale need to seriously consider the benefits of selling at auction.  Homes for sale can […]
sell real estate

3 Reasons Auctions are Relevant to Buying

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  3 Reasons Auctions are Still Relevant to Buying & Selling Land Most of the summer you have heard about the drought and how it has impacted all most every way of life, but there is good news in the auction world. Land is a huge part of auctions and it’s been a consistent seller […]