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True Blue auction is a premier auction service provider, which operates in many states including Florida. After serving ten years in the military, True Blue Auctions was founded by Skip Dreibelbis.  Auctioneering has been part of the Dreibelbis family for generations.  His cousin Don Dreibelbis had a practice for over 40 years.  Skip’s parents would take Skip and his brother Scott to auctions in their youth.  In his late teens and early twenties Skip worked part time at Nittany Auto Auction. Skip has assembled a team of experts in all areas of the industry with decades of experience.


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The team of auctioneers and associates with decades of experience in Real Estate, Estate Sales, Heavy Equipment & Machinery, Business Liquidations, Antiques & Collectibles to bring you the best results for your real, personal and business property.  The team at True Blue Auction has a comprehensive set of services and resources at your disposal, to help you sell efficiently and successfully.

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Luxury Properties & Homes

Looking to one or multiple properties? Need to sell your current home to fund moving to a new place? Maximize your return by selling properties at Florida auctions.

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Estate Auctions

Organizing an estate auction can be near impossible, when under immense stress and pressure. Our professional team can ease the transition and help quickly resolve any issues that come with running an estate auction.

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Bankruptcy Auctions

It is essential to get the highest return possible in a bankruptcy auction. Hire a professional and proven company to maximize the value of your assets



From antique furniture and pottery to something more unusual, our team of experts can help you find the true value of your antiques and identify the hidden treasures that can make you a lot of money at auction.

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We have experience in selling all manner of collectibles. So if you are looking to sell of all or part of your collection, a professionally run auction can attract many potential buyers.


Silver & Gold

Gold, silver and other precious metals hold plenty of value. Knowing the best way to sell them will make the difference between making a good return, and a great return..

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Machinery &  Heavy Equipments

Machinery and equipment have to be replaced at some point. Finding buyers for unneeded items can be tough without the right know how. We can aid companies in a variety of industries, from design and manufacturing to farming and agriculture.

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Car & Automotive 

Our highly experienced auto dealers can help you find the best candidates to sell your vehicle. And much more…
Our services don’t end there. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you sell at an auction in FL.

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Four Easy Steps  To Selling Your Items At Auctions In FL


Step: 1 Give Us A Call 

Give our Florida Auction experts a call.


Step: 2 Consultation

We will consult with you over the phone and in person to inspect and value your items. Your items can be collected by our team or you can drop them off yourself.


Step: 3 Marketing

Promotional material will be gathered and created to advertise your property or items. We have years of experience in developing effective marketing strategies.


Step: 4 Make A Profit 

Our auction team will do all the selling for you in a professional manner and get you the best price.

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Our FL auction team is ready and waiting to take all your calls and present you with the ideal service to auction off your items. Call us today and start selling.

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