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Sell property or merchandise with the complete auction services provided by True Blue Auctions. We have resources so you can sell in a wide number of auction types. From Real Estate, Luxury Homes & Properties, Estate Resolution, Commercial Auctions, Liquidations, Collectibles, Antiques, Coins, Jewelry, Gold & Silver, Car & Auto, Farm Auctions, Machinery, Heavy Equipment and more in New York. After serving ten years in the military, True Blue Auctions was founded by Skip Dreibelbis.  Auctioneering has been part of the Dreibelbis family for generations.  His cousin Don Dreibelbis had a practice for over 40 years.  Skips parents would take Skip and his brother Scott to auctions in their youth.  In his late teens and early twenties Skip worked part time a


Using Your Own Numbers With Our Exclusive Calculator The True Cost & Value Of Selling Your Home Today!

Why Sell In Auctions In NY?

There are many reasons you would want to use an auction service. Some common scenarios are:

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Excess Stock

Are you a business owner or retailer? At some point you are likely to be left with excess or out of season stock. Use an auction to quickly shift excess inventory to get maximum return.

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Whether you are moving home or working on property development, a real estate expert can maximize the value of the property.

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It is a highly stressful time whenever a business goes bust. Whether it is an individual or a larger company, without the right knowledge and experience it is difficult to get the most from the sale of property and assets.

True Blue Auctions Can Help You

We have the staff in place to help you through the entire auction process. If you are a first time seller, don’t be put off by the countless number of details that need to be sorted out. Our Nee York auctioneers will set you on the right path.

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Sell Your Real Estate & Personal Property At Auctions In NY In 3 Simple Process


Step: 1 Call Our NY Auction Experts

Have a free consultation to establish the types of items being sold and the services you may need.

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Step: 2 Arrange For Evaluations

Our Auctioneers will work with your schedule to meet with you on-site at the location of your home or business to review the real estate and personal or business property you would like to be sold.  We can then conduct a valuation of your real estate and personal property and provide you with a proposal of how to sell for top dollar.


Step: 3 Our Team Will Go To Work, Marketing & Selling All Your Merchandise

You can sit back and you reap the profits as soon as your personal or business property and real estate is sold.

Call Us Today!

Ask our friendly and professional team any questions you have and arrange for a consultation. Get the best advice on how to sell at auction in NY and get the highest return possible for your items. Take the first step to selling your items, by giving us a call today.


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