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Traditional methods used by many auctioneers tend to favor buyers who have deep pockets and this oftentimes leaves single-tract buyers at a huge disadvantage.

A Multi-parcel auction puts all buyers on a level playing field, regardless of how many tracts a buyer intends to purchase. When multiple lots/parcels/tracts/properties are owned by the same seller, this method is used to sell all the parcels at one time. Buyers will have different interests; some will want only one of the parcels, others may want combinations, and yet others may want the entire group of lots offered to them.

What makes multi-parcel auctions exceptional is that anyone can group and bid on any combination of parcels, even if the groupings break up other groupings. The math behind this type of auction is extremely complex, and this is why many auctioneers do not perform multi-parcel auctions.

True Blue Auctions uses state-of-the-art software to produce multi-parcel auctions. We are able to project on a screen the bids and move the auction forward with ease.

The good news is, if you have an interest in any parcel or a combination of any of the lots offered, we have a very fair and easy process for you to come and bid with confidence knowing that you have just as much an opportunity as the next person on purchasing property regardless of how deep another bidder’s pockets may be…

Let us help you reach your goals with the parcels of property you want to be sold.

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