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Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (October 29) suggests that people consider a variety of different types of collectibles.  “In a study of collectors after the 2008 crash, 74% said investment potential was driving their buying decisions, says ACE Private Risk Services.”

Article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443684104578064800307480808.html?KEYWORDS=auction#articleTabs%3Darticle

Video: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443684104578064800307480808.html?KEYWORDS=auction#articleTabs%3Dvideo

So where do you find these investments?  Auctions are the place to find collectibles.  Why auctions?  Auctioneers are where collectors go when it is time to bring their collection to cash in on a fair and free market where true values are realized.  Auctions are not the list, wait, and continuously reduce method of selling.  Auctions don’t sell a collector short by putting a price that is too low as well as keeping buyers away by pricing anything too high.  Auctions do not let a collector get picked over like you see on popular television shows like American Pickers or “sell short” like you see on Pawn Stars.  Auctioneers are the people whom collectors contact to get top dollar in the true and fair market place called an auction.

Auctions are the one place where an investor comes to purchase collectibles at true market value.  The reality of what anything is worth is found at auction where supply meets demand.  So if people are investing in collectibles to diversify their portfolio and trust this tried and proven method of selling and buying.  Why would they not trust the same method with some of their largest investments?  Is it fear of the unknown?  Is it simply being ignorant of the auction method?  Could it be misinformation being promulgated by someone or a group that uses another method of selling that only at best can make a guesstimate about a price to sell real or personal property?  Who knows?  Maybe it is a combination of any of these things that plays upon the fears of a seller.  Regardless, the best way to overcome these fears is with knowledge of the facts.

Did you know that as a seller you can set a reserve for anything you want to sell?  A reserve is a minimum price that must be realized at auction before real property (real estate) or personal property can be struck off as sold.  Sellers maintain control of the sale right up until the Auctioneer says, “Sold.”  No other method of selling lets the seller keep control of the sale like the auction method.  The moment a price is placed on anything and the initial offer is made the game is over for the seller.  The buyer can make any type of condition they want upon the sale and offer anything they wish.  You hear the term “low ball offers” and now you know where it comes from.  You can even read on the internet countless articles about different ways to make” low ball offers”.  All a seller can ever entertain is a counter offer with any type of contingencies attached to it when using the list, wait, and continuously reduce method of selling.

The auction method is the solution and way for a seller to engage the market, keep control of the sale and force the market to bear upon what it is they are selling and know the price realized is true market value.

So in the future when you hear of someone needing to sell a collectible or real estate tell them about the auction method and to contact us about getting the facts about selling and receiving top dollar at true market value.  Learn more about the auction method at www.TrueBlueAuctions.com