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Discover Advantages Of Selling Real Estate At Auction

According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive some 83% of people believe that auctions are a way to find good deals. Those with a home for sale or other property for sale need to seriously consider the benefits of selling at auction.  Homes for sale can take months or even years to sell. Those with a house to sell often put out all sorts of money into repairs and updates.

Buying a house can be just as frustrating with the owner turning down bid after bid. However, with an auction and an auctioneer there is no need for constantly searching for homes for sale. Buyers don’t have to go through a property search. Instead, they search the auction listings on websites like Real Estate Auction MLS to find homes for sale or other available real estate. At auction, a buyer doesn’t have to go through exhausting negotiations to get that desired home for sale. All a buyer has to do is to make the best bid. The person offering the most amount purchases the property for sale on the spot.

Real Estate at AuctionThe seller of the house for sale benefits by the immediate turn around on the real estate. The seller doesn’t have to put up with strangers continually traipsing through the house for sale and prolonging the process of offering real estate for sale. Auctions allow the seller to set the time and place of the sale. There is no confusion as to when the auctioneer will do his job or when those interested in buying a house will be on hand.

An Agent and/or Realtor searching for a property isn’t necessary. Those who wish to buy a house simply contact the auctioneer for a tour of the home, schedule a home inspection if they want and show up at the time and place listed for the real estate for sale. It takes a long time with the services of a real estate agent to let the public know they may buy a house. Because it is a contingent sale (conditions placed by the buyer – fix this, repair that, reduce for the next thing, bank financing, etc.) and because the seller makes the initial offer of a price, the only thing a seller can count on is the price being negotiated down. However, when property is sold at auction, the auctioneer, wants as many qualified buyers as possible to attend and only qualified buyers can participate. Auctioneers do extensive marketing to the targeted buyer(s). Because the seller knows that their property will sell in the present condition (as is) and is not contingent upon financing it eliminates the unqualified buyers from participating at the auction. This saves the seller money, time and effort. The seller can plan and move on with their life knowing when their property will be sold and that it will be to the highest bidder at a price that is based upon the reality of what it is worth.

Other benefits include the seller not needing to invest in repairs or upgrades. Everyone has different tastes and a new owner can make it their home by renovating as they would like and not according to what an Agent and/or Realtor wanting to double as an interior decorator, landscape architect or home renovation expert thinks it should be to get the home sold. Auction companies and auctioneers are to specialize in getting the most exposure possible and top dollar for their client and if they have marketed the property properly and at the end of the day when the property is sold and changes hands in this simple transaction, it will be at a price that is both fair to the seller and to the buyer.