Are you thinking about selling your home at auction? You should realize that not all real estate auction companies are alike. Only one is dedicated to your complete satisfaction every step of the way. At True Blue Auctions, your best interest is at the heart of everything they do, with a prime goal of both saving and making you money.

True Blue is anything but an old school auction house. Their use of innovative new techniques and technologies allows them to work creatively for the absolute best outcome. Partnering with True Blue Auctions has enabled their clients to see an average earn of at least 10% more than through more traditional methods.

True Blue Auctions is different from all other real estate auction companies you’ll come across. As a Christian agency, their principles are Bible-centered, which gives their clients some insight into what kind of business practices they can expect during the course of their relationship with the company.

You’ll find a team of experts from True Blue Auctions dedicated to the success of your sale and ready to go to work to expand the reach of your auction. You’ll be assigned a dedicated sales manager, a marketing team and legal support if necessary, all with the single goal in mind of making certain you have an unparalleled experience during the process- one that results in the productive sale of your home.

It is the job of the True Blue Auctions’ marketing team to handle all of the details of your auction’s exposure, including advertising, marketing collateral, and public relations. Your sales manager will outreach to potential buyers, follow-up with inquiries and assist in the registration of the auction. The legal team will ensure all of the legalities are in place at the time of the sale, including the preparation of purchase contracts.

Selling your home at auction can provide exceptional peace of mind and affords many benefits a traditional sale cannot extend to the homeowner. Just as an example, the length of time it will take your home to sell at auction will be significantly reduced, along with the closing time. Control over these aspects are completely in the seller’s hands. Instead of taking months or even years for your home to sell through a realtor, you set the date and the details.

Homes that sell at auction tend to sell for fair market value, due to the sense of urgency created by the auction atmosphere. Buyers come to the auction fully-prepared for the process, having completed their research, arriving with a top bid in mind they may even exceed if competition is great.

True Blue Auctions is where buyers pay true market value for homes that are sold at auction. Discover the True Blue advantage by contacting someone from their sales team at 347-470-SOLD. Locals consider True Blue to be the leader in real estate auction companies for some very important reasons. Call today to learn more.
True Blue Auctions
1607 E Branch Rd, State College, PA 16801

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