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What Is The Best Way To Sell Coins, Jewelry, Gold & Silver?


With the strike of a gavel! True Blue Auctions is your resource for selling coins, jewelry, gold & silver using the market based bidding process.  

What Are More Coin, Jewelry, Gold & Silver Owners Realizing?

In ANY market more and more Coin, Jewelry, Gold & Silver Owners are realizing that in order to realize top dollar for their collections will requires a more aggressive marketing approach that puts sellers in control of the sale and produces top dollar by forcing buyers to make a decision.


This is what we love to do and provide exceptional results.  We are focused and committed auctioneers with proven results.

Rare Coin Auction

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True Blue Auctions knows the importance of helping you receive the most money possible for your coins. We are able to take on consignment sale your jewelry, gold coins and silver coins. On some occasions we are able to buy sell gold, buy jewelry and sell gold jewelry quickly. Our professional staff is able to evaluate and in some instances purchase fine metals - gold (even damaged or broken), sterling silver and platinum. We are interested in everything from broken or tangled chains, un-matched earrings, old class rings, coins, bracelets and more.

When it comes to coins, True Blue Auctions is your resource for helping you receive the most money the market will bear for your coins.

We are able to help you sell all types of coins.
From Ancient Coins, World Coins,
Wheat Pennies, Indian Head Pennies, Lincoln Memorial Pennies and silver colored 1943 Pennies, even pennies that look like they have double letters, Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Liberty Head V-Nickels, Mercury Dimes, State Quarters
Silver Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Faceless Monroe Presidential Dollar, Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Presidential Dollars & Many More…

We make sure your coins reach the broadest audience possible, we market our consignment auctions using the following methods:
- On the internet
- On our website
- On other relevant websites
- In local newspapers and national antique/auction publications
- Via direct mail
- Via email notification

To ensure that bidders have every opportunity to purchase your coins, we offer:
- Live bidding at our onsite auction events
- Phone bidding
- Absentee bidding
- Internet bidding

We are able to tell the world about your items and offer them the opportunity to buy your coins.

Contact Us today if you are interested in receiving a no obligation consultation for individual coin or coin collection.


Coin, Jewelry, Gold & Silver Auctions are the method used to bring liquidity to collections of the finest and most unique property in history. Often collectors, families or the children of older adults, do not know where to begin the process of selling coins, jewelry, gold & silver.  Prior to the auction it is often necessary to follow formal procedures in preparing the coins, jewelry, gold & silver to be sold.

At True Blue Auctions, we specialize with these delicate matters having compassion and the families best interests always in mind when selling coins, jewelry, gold & sliver.  We provide a full comprehensive auction service including auctions of all types of antiques & collectibles to bring settlement of everything necessry for an individual, family or corporation.