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About The Brewery

Doc G’s Mission Statement

That old smoke stack. Do you remember that old smoke stack? The legendary DuBois Brewing Company and that old smoke stack represented the core of my hometown, DuBois, PA. It represented blue collar hard work and a sense of community. This was the foundation of DuBois. The day that smoke stack crashed to the ground sent a shutter through the hearts of the town. The DuBois Brewing Company would be no more.

Things obviously were going to change. Some for the better and clearly some for the worse. Fortunately, the local economy at that time was in full bloom and it was all surrounded our local mall. The mall culture thrived for 30 years. As a teenager all the school kids would roam the endless halls and maze of department stores. The night would culminate at the arcade until closing time. People from a 50 mile radius every weekend would come to DuBois for their shopping and entertainment. My hometown was truly in the midist of a gold rush.

The mall culture has come and gone. There is no real reason to make the road trip to DuBois on the weekend. Everything one needs in now purchased on a smart phone and delivered to your doorstep. As a consequence my beloved hometown has suffered in an economic downturn. My heart is saddened to see friends and neighbors business close on a scale never imagined. Empty decaying buildings now stand as monuments of the past golden city.

However, hope has a taste and what was old is new again. The craft beer industry has its own unique culture that draws people from near and far. We created Doc G’s Brewing Company with the hope and passion that the golden city will roar back to life! Come taste the beer, eat at our local restaurants, enjoy our athletic facilities. The rise the old sleeping giant, DuBois, is upon us.

Unfortunately, events made Doc G’s Brewing Company untenable and we have made the decision to close. However, we hope others have a vision of making their hometown better and this brewery can be part of making that dream happen.

Brewery System Details

Steam Heated Mash Tun (26 BBl GROSS)

Motorized rakes are included in the mash tun. The rakes are capable of power mixing and agitation for a uniform grain mix and complete separation of proteins and sugars from the grain. The rakes can also be lifted if the grain bed is stuck or for ease of the grain- out process. A three -piece laser cut false bottom is included in the Mash tun to filter grain from wort in a highly efficient manner. The false bottom can be easily removed for cleaning. An over-sized grain-out chute is included to remove spent grain in an easy and efficient manner. A sparge and hydrator assembly is included with the mash tun along with a hot and cold water temperature mixing assembly for sparging. The tun is steam heated with a multi zone jacket configuration for both step and upward infusion mashing.

Mash Tun

Working capacity: 15 bbls Gross Capacity: 26 bbls

  • All welded 304 stainless steel construction
  • CIP spray ball and CIP Arm
  • Grist Hydrator and Sparge Assembly, Mixing Assembly, Thermometer
  • Laser cut lauter plates
  • Site glass in manway, interior tank light
  • Multiple wort outlets
  • Insulated, and jacketed
  • Side mounted outswing manway with grain chute
  • Removable sparge assembly
  • Removable grist hydrator assembly
  • Steam Jacketed for Upward Infusion Mashes
  • Motorized rakes
  • Grain out chute

Steam Heated Hot Liquor Tank

30 Bbl Hot Liquor tank (hot water tank) which will serve all of the needs of the brewing process and has excess capacity in case of production crunches which require double batch brewing.
Working Capacity: 30 Bbl Gross Capacity: 33 Bbl
Hot Liquor tank steam jacketed Insulated and Jacketed
All necessary valves and fitting included
Top manway with removable lid, 2” outlet ports

Steam Heated Brew Kettle w/ Tangential Whirlpool (25 BBL GROSS)

The steam heating includes 2- zone steam jackets with independent pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, and condensate drains. Pneumatic valves are also included so the steam valves can be opened or closed from the main control panel. Both steam jackets include condensate return outlets so hot water can be returned to the boiler for maximum efficiency. The kettle includes a tangential whirlpool assembly for rapid separation of trub from wort, a top manway with site glass, interior tank light, 2” insulation and decorative outer stainless skin.

Brew Kettle with Tangential Whirlpool
Working Capacity: 15 bbls. Gross Capacity: 25 bbls.

  • Multi- Zone Steam jacketed Brew Kettle
  • All welded 304 stainless steel construction
  • Site glass in manway, interior tank light
  • Heat shield and insulation on sidewalls
  • CIP sprayball and CIP Arm
  • 6″ vapor outlet w/ condensate collector & Drain
  • Top manway w/ double doors
  • 2B finish all welds ground flush inside/outside
  • Dish bottom with separate trub and wort outlets
  • Tangential Whirlpool Assembly

Weil-Mclain Steam Boiler Commercial (lgb-5)

• Short draw rods permit faster, easier assembly of boiler sections
• Includes factory-assembled base and burners, and simplified piping for quick and easy installation
• Compact design allows for more piping and venting headroom
• The highest efficiency commercial cast iron atmospheric gas boiler available by Weil-McLain
• Built-in air separator diverts air to the expansion tank
• Gas natural draft water and steam boiler with cast iron sections

Jacketed Fermenters (4-15 BBL and 1-30 BBL)

  • All these tanks are glycol jacketed, insulated and finished with a polished 2B steel skin. By using a glycol cooling system and jacketed tanks you can individually control the fermentation and storage temperatures of each tank. This will enable the brewer better fermentation process control and you will be able to serve each beer at a different temperature, if desirable.Fermenter Tanks
  • Working Capacity: 15 Bbl / 30 Bbl Gross Capacity: 19 Bbl / 37 Bbl
  • Cylindrical shell, dish top, 60degree cone angle (dependent on ceiling height) 25% Head Capacity
  • CIP Sprayball and CIP Arm
  • All welded 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • 2B Outer Finish
  • 2-Zone Dimpled jacket cooling bands (cone and body) 2″ insulation
  • Perlick Sampling valve
  • Thermowell w/ temperature probe
  • Racking Port
  • 1 1/2″ butterfly valves (3)
  • Pressure and Anti-Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Dial Pressure & Temperature Gauge Dry Hop Ports in tank dome

Jacketed Brite Tank Size and Quantity (2-15 BBl and 1-30 BBl)

  • Working Capacity: 15 bbl / 30 Bbl
  • Gross Capacity: 17 Bbl / 33 Bbl
  • Cylindrical shell, dish top, dish bottom
  • CIP spray ball and CIP Arm
  • 2 – Zone Dimpled jacket cooling bands
  • All welded 304 stainless steel construction 1 1/2″ Butterfly valves, (2)
  • Sampling Valve
  • 15 PSI working Pressure
  • Pressure and Anti- Vacuum relief valves
  • Dial Pressure & Temperature Gauge
  • 1.5″ sintered carbonating stone and assembly 2B finish on outer skins

Brew House & Cellaring Controls

High quality Digital Temperature Controllers which can be pre-programmed to control fermenter and brite tank temperatures. High quality electrical solenoids control glycol flow and in-tank thermocouple sensors sense beer temperature to plus or minus 1/2 degree F. Our central control panel allows one person (the brewer) to control and monitor the entire brewing process from one location.

CIP CART & Accessories

This cleaning feature is important to any professional brewing facility. The CIP (Clean In Place) Cart and accessories allow a brewer to mix and pump caustic cleaning solution to each tank for sanitizing in between batches. All tanks have CIP spray ball heads built into each tank. CIP will save a great deal of brewer labor and allow for professional, sanitary brewing. All tanks come with CIP Spray balls and CIP arms.

Glycol Unit & Reservoir

  • 2- 10 HP chillers and a 600 gallon reservoir Glycol Unit. There is also approximately 400 gallons of glycol available. The chillers and controls are modular so adding additional capacity is easy.
  • Glycol containers are available for transportation.
  • Glycol Chiller Specifications
  • Brand: Danfoss/ Copeland
  • 10 HP, 24 KW
  • 3 Phase, 220V, 60 HZ
  • Freon: R404A, Environmentally Friendly Empty Weight: 790 lbs
  • Size: 70” L x 35” W x60”H Outlet: 2” male NPT
  • Inlet: 1.5” female NPT
  • Glycol Pump
  • Brand: Gorman- Rupp 3 phase, 220V 60HZ 1 HP, 1.5 KW
  • 5 t/h Lift = 76 feet Stainless Steel

Semi -Automated Keg Washer-Sanitize-Filler Unit

  • Semi- Automated Controls, touch screen 55- 65 kegs per hour
  • 3% accuracy on filling
  • Programmable for all functions

Additional Items Included With Sale

  • Roller crushing Grain Mill (1,200 lbs/Hour)
  • Motorized Flex Auger (2-20’ feet)
  • Grist Case (1,400 LBS capacity)
  • Portable Transfer pump on roller cart
  • Work Platform, steel frame, grated safety steps
  • 2 stage Plate and frame heat exchanger
  • Four variable speed, hot liquor, wort, glycol, and CIP pumps
  • Miscellaneous Valves Fittings:
    Includes all of the basic hardware, fittings, valves, wiring, temperature gauges, pressure and vacuum relief, to start-up and run a professional brewing facility.
  • Transfer lines
  • Plate and frame beer filter (20 plate)
  • Brewhouse stainless steel piping
  • Work platform, steel frame, grated safety steps
  • Buckeye Hydro Water Filtration system


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