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1815 Pennsylvania-avenue Irwin PA 15642

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Rare Opportunity In Centre Hall PA To Purchase A Quality Home or Investment Property At Auction!

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Don't miss this one and ONLY opportunity to this quality home in Westmoreland County, Irwin PA.  This home will be sold to the highest bidder!

Property Subject To Be Sold Within 48 Hours Upon Confirmation of Bid!  Bid Today Because This Property Will Go Away!!!

Imagine the great opportunity of living in Irwin less than 30 miles from Pittsburgh. Nestled along a quiet stretch Pennsylvania Avenue of Westmoreland and situated in a pristine setting near Route 30 and Route 76, quality living is about to be offered at auction that will provide the winning bidder an all-embracing experience.

This fine quality constructed home can be yours if you are the winning bidder. Rare do you have a home of this quality construction for sale.

This Home Features: 3 bed rooms, 3 baths, a great room, living room, kitchen, dining room with direct access to the patio and a finished basement with a governor's driveway.

New windows and sliding door upgrades.


Lot Info. 140x100
Style: Ranch 
Architecture: Colonial
Approx. Sq Ft. 2,000 and 4,000 combined with basement
Floors: wall to wall & ceramic
Full Basement
2 fireplace - Master Bedroom & Family Room
Great Room 15x40
Family Room 18x45
Master Bedroom 18x30
Bedroom 2 13.5x11
Bedroom 3 12x11
- 3 Full
- 3 Partial
Heating: gas - baseboard hot water radiant
Cooling: Central Air
Roof: Asphalt
Public water & sewer

View by appointment only. 

We are often asked, "Why Auction?" The transaction is the same as with traditional real estate with the only difference being that the final sale price is determined from bidding at auction. The sellers also KNOW that their home will sell for True Market Value and not some speculated price based on "comparable" properties. Just because one property sells for one price does NOT mean another should. The sellers KNOW that the auction method is a very simple straight forward transaction and that ONLY the people whom choose to participate are actually serious about the purchase of real estate.  
The misnomers about Auctions can be quite astonishing. 

The following are the FACTS regarding this property

  • This Property is NOT a foreclosure
  • This Property is NOT Distressed
  • This Property does NOT have ANY Leans or Back Taxes
  • This Property has a Clear and Marketable Title

Auctions are the best way to sell and buy anything, especially real estate. Astute property owners and buyers know that the Auction Method is the best way to buy and sell Real Estate.

If you have questions about buying or selling with the Auction Method, please feel free to contact us anytime.

IF you are qualified to buy this home and are seriously interested contact us today to schedule an appointment to view this property.

Terms & Conditions: $15,000 down with balance in 60 days.

*Buyer Agent 3% Commission

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Why Is This Property Being Sold At Auction?

Misnomers About Real Estate Being Sold at Auction

When someone calls about a property to a real estate agent/realtor/broker or company and inquires about a property being sold at Auction we have found that many (Realtors/Agents/Brokers) do not encourage Buyers to purchase at Auction?  Why?  They offer all types of reasons and many are not true.  You want to know the real reason?  Because they don't get paid the same.  It is not hard to figure out, just follow the money and you will discover their motives.  Agents/Relators/Brokers want paid either representing a Buyer or a Seller and many Auctioneers and/or Auction companies do not offer commission to Realtor/Agents - (However, we do).  This is why they discourage buying a home at Auction.  They want it all - Selling & Buying and dare NOBODY take away from their sacred territory.

Buying a home at Auction is really no different than buying a by private treaty (negotiated sale via Seller or represented by Agent/Broker/Realtor) only in that the method of determining price is determined by the Buyers bidding instead of negotiating.

Some of the misnomers of the Auction method are the following:

  • Sellers must be desperate
  • Property is distressed (defects with home)
  • Property is encumbered (foreclosure, back taxes, leans, etc.)

We will set the record straight for you.

  • The Seller is NOT desperate
  • This property is offered with a clear and marketable title (Our contracts require Seller to provide a clear marketable title at closing).
  • This is not a distressed property
  • This property is not encumbered

This family trusts the Auction method of selling and knows that this property will sell for true market value.  They are ready for a transition in their lives and know that with the Auction method they can actually set a date for their personal and real property to be sold and be able to move on with their lives.  They know that this is the most efficient and cost effective way for selling both their personal and real property.

So if you are serious about this property, come check it out for yourself.  It may or may not be the right property for you.  However, it will be for someone.  There is enough demand in the area where several people will want to make this their new home and start a new chapter in their lives.

We are here to help you through this process even as a Buyer. We can't tell you what the home will sell for because we just don't know.  We can provide all the information we know about the property and even let you talk with the Seller.  Yes! No problem here with that, the Seller knows the property better than any of us and this is why we encourage them answering questions about the property.  Just don't insult them or us by asking, "What do you want for the property"?  Because we coach them to answer back, "As much as the market will bring."

The beauty of the Auction method of selling and buying is that it creates a fair and level playing field where both Buyers and Sellers can meet where fairness and equity is realized through the bidding process.  Sure the Seller wants as much as possible for their property, (wouldn't you?). Absolutely the Buyer wants to pay as little as possible for the property, (wouldn't you?).  So where do the two meet?  Auction is the answer that is both fair for both.  A gavel is associated with Auctions because there is finality and a conclusion realized for both Buyers and Sellers all at once when it is going once, twice and sold.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you have about the Auction method anytime as both a Buyer or Seller. We are happy to help you reach your goals.

We truly wish you all the best of Providence in your buying experience!

Q. Is Buying At Auction Any Different Than Traditional Real Estate?

A. No!  From the financing to the closing, the process of buying is exactly the same with the only difference between buying a home at auction and traditionally is how the final price is determined.