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How Often Do You See A Price For A Home Increase?

We Do!!!  With EVERY Home We Sell!!!

The Old Way Of Buying & Selling Real Estate Is

Going, Going, GONE!

Change has come to Real Estate... And it's about time!

GONE are the layers of complexity and inefficiency!

True Blue Auctions brings a much-needed

dose of innovation and automation.

This means better, faster, more

transparent transactions for everyone.

A new way to buy and sell real estate is here...

Happy Selling & Bidding!


What Is The Best Way To Sell Real Estate?


With the strike of a gavel! True Blue Auctions is your resource for selling Real Estate using the market based bidding process.  

What Are More And More Home Owners Realizing?

In ANY market more and more Home Owners are realizing that in order to realize top dollar for their home will requires a more aggressive marketing approach that puts sellers in control of the sale and produces top dollar by forcing buyers to make a decision.


This is what we love to do and provide exceptional results.  We are focused and committed auctioneers with proven results.

We produce the market...

You realize the value...

Imagine you could reach the people who have sincere interest in your property, invite them to a meeting at your home, and if they can’t show up in person they can still participate by phone or through a website. What’s the purpose of the meeting? You have decided upon the day you want your home sold live on site, online and by phone. You can see the anticipation as those in attendance, on the phone and those online compete in real time for the right to own your property… Well, you just envisioned what True Blue Auctions provides for real estate sellers and buyers. It is the most advanced live auction strategy in the world. This unique sales approach increases the buying pool for your property by facilitating real time competition between bidders at your property and those participating online and by phone through www.TrueBlueAuctions.com. The only difference between the imagined scenario above and the real thing is we aggressively market your residential, commercial or undeveloped property, preparing buyers in advance so that they come to the auction ready to make their highest and best bid.

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Regardless of the size of the estate, our team of auctioneers and crews are able to provide appraisals, packing, moving and complete full clean outs of homes, businesses, farms & more.  Prior to the passing of a loved one proper estate planning should have taken place.

People need to be careful today when planning an estate.  The proper use of living revocable trusts,wills and other estate planning tools should be made and implemented.  Families should do everything possible to avoid probate.  The use of a revocable living trust used correctly can bypass the probate process.  We at True Blue Auctions are here to serve families who have the need to bring liquidity to the property that has been passed on.

The auction method is used to help the estate sell the property – homes and the contents, farms and equipment, antiques and collectibles, etc.  We offer on-site or live real estate auctions as well as online real estate auctions.  If your family has an estate that needs dissolved and wants to have it effectively marketed where competitive bidding takes place to give your family the best opportunity to receive and bring resolution to the property of the estate.  No matter the type of property involved, an estate or trust settlement may require the executor and/or executrix to exercise fiduciary responsibility by real estate transfers.  The True Blue Auctions team are committed to maximizing the net proceeds from real estate property in the shortest period of time, a mission that fully supports the obligations of executors and trustees.