Searching for the right real estate auctioneer to sell your home requires a lot of research and diligence on your part. If your search for a reliable auction agency has led you to the True Blue Auctions website, we invite you to take a closer look at the services their experts provide.

Selling at auction comes with some amazing benefits many homeowners fail to take into account at the time when they put their home up on the market. Perhaps the biggest myth associated with selling at auction is that the homeowner will take a loss or have to sell to a  low bid. This is almost never the case with a home auction sale. The fact is that the auction atmosphere creates an urgency on the part of buyers that causes homes to sell for fair market value.

True Blue Auctions specializes in providing their clients with the highest quality auction services in PA, NJ, DE, MD, OH, SC, NC, GA, FL, NY and VA. Their highly experienced real estate auctioneer is able to unlock the true value of your home at the stroke of a gavel. As an agency that operates their business by Christian Biblical standards, True Blue Auctions believes in treating others in the same way they want to be treated.

Your best interest is at the heart of everything your real estate auctioneer does at True Blue Auctions. Saving and making you money is the prime goal. Through innovation and creativity, their team will make sure the auction experience is easy and rewarding for you; in fact, clients earn an average of at least 10% more than selling through a real estate agent.

There are numerous benefits associated with selling your home through a real estate auctioneer, not only for the seller, but also for the buyer. Consider the following:

For the seller:
– Buyers come to the auction ready to buy, having prepared for this very moment
– Your quick sale eliminates all types of carrying costs
– Auctions tend to bring fair market value
– Enormous exposure through online markets
– Pinpoints the sale to your timeframe
– Eliminates the hassle of negotiations
– Requires pre-qualification

For the buyer:
– There is a clear understanding that the seller is committed to the sale
– A reduction of purchase time
– The auction creates a fair bidding field
– The buyer can take advantage of a purchase at fair market value

Discover just how beneficial it can be to hire a real estate auctioneer from True Blue Auctions by calling 347-470-SOLD or take a closer look at the resources on the website, where you’ll find informative articles, pages for both buyers and sellers, a simple break-down of the auction process and much more.

Compare the auction method of selling your home with the more traditional real estate method- we are convinced you’ll quickly see the advantages of selling at auction. Realtors may promise your home will sell at a great price in a short amount of time, but numbers don’t lie- auctions bring quicker, higher sales.
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