There are numerous so-called ‘luxury’ real estate companies out there that would like to gain your business by claiming they can get you the most for your home of distinction. The problem is that anyone can make fantastic claims but only dedicated professionals can offer proof of what they can do for you.

True Blue Auctions is in the businesses of selling luxury homes for homeowners who are looking to get top dollar for their real estate- and it’s not just the seller who reaps the benefits of the auction atmosphere. There are several distinct advantages for buyers looking at the auction market.

If you’re the owner of a luxury home and cannot afford to take anything less than fair market value at the time of sale, you can rest assured True Blue Auctions’ clients typically see an average of 10% more profit for the sale of their home than in the traditional market. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve when your home sells.

Out-dated selling methods and antiquated means of selling would ask you to list your home, wait and continuously reduce your asking price as time marches on oblivious to your needs. With an auction, you set the date of your sale- it’s as simple as that! You’re in complete control over when your home will sell because you set all of the details of the auction date, the terms and the closing date- there is nothing left to chance.

When buyers converge at a luxury home auction, the seller wins. No realtor can provide this unique competition for the sale of your home, and while they may try to convince you that they can get competing offers for your house, the fact is that they cannot. When you list with a realtor and consign on the price of your home, you have limited your profits and signed away control over the price.

True Blue Auctions is in the business of empowering sellers to control the details of their home’s sale. Bidders are unaware of the price the seller wants to receive for their home, so that competition in the bidding creates an atmosphere that results in a fair market price at the time of the sale. Sellers are also freed up from the chains of contingencies, such as buyers who will only buy if this is fixed or that is repaired. Your home is sold ‘as-is’ and there is no negotiation process.

Other luxury real estate companies would have you believe you have to do what the buyer wants in order to seal the deal. True Blue Auctions would have you know that you are in control of every detail of the selling process of your luxury home.

Call a qualified auctioneer from True Blue Auctions today at 347-470-SOLD and discover why locals consider them to be the leader among luxury real estate auction companies. Feel free to use the free online auction calculator to see the difference the auction method can make for your bottom line. Luxury Real Estate Auction Companies
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