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See All The Answers In One Place – The executive summary provides the details you need about the property, its value and its 3-year forecast

Comprehensive Property Details – Gain an in-depth understanding of the property and its sales history

Market Leading Valuation – Understand the property’s value estimate and range. Visualize the property’s value against its 10 closest comparables

Market Direction – Learn how the property’s value is likely to change over the next 3 years

Have Confidence In Your property’s Value
Our valuation is grounded in data from many sources, including county assessor records, MLS listings, and consumer, regional, and behavioral metrics.

Better Data Set For Comparison – We select comparables objectively, using a Similarity scoreĀ® algorithm. We look at properties listed or sold in the last 4 years, and adjust their sale price to represent current values.

Clear Visualizations – View all the details in maps and data tables for the most similar closed sales and active listings.

Neighborhood Consistency – Learn how this property’s attributes rank with others in the neighborhood, so you can better understand its relative value.

Identify Opportunities And Risks Going Forward
Learn about the local market and potential future price changes.

Reliable Forecasting – Gain insight into how the price will change over the next 3 years and understand the risk of a downturn in the local market with our Proprietary Price Forecasts.

Market Environment – Understand whether the property is in a buyer’s or seller’s market. See how the market is changing up to the minute.