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SLAB GRADED US COINS: 1879-S Morgan Silver Dollar, 1887 “Gator Eye” Morgan Silver Dollar, 1891-S Morgan Silver Dollar, 1904-O Morgan Silver Dollar, 1998-S Robert Kennedy Silver Dollar, 2013 Silver Eagle, 1921- Liberty Half Dollar, 1998-S Silver JFK Half, 
2 – 1950-D Jefferson Nickels, 1909-VDB Wheat Cent.

US PROOF COINS – PROOF SETS – MINT SETS: Eisenhower Silver Dollars, Susan B. Anthony, 1961 BF Half, JFK Silver Halves, JFK Clad Half Dollars, 1964 Washington Quarters, Washington Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Lincoln Cents, Presidential Sets, 1986-S & 1987-S Prestige Sets, Several Various Quarter Proof Sets, Dozens of Various US Proof Sets (1969-1970’s), Silver Proof Sets, 1964 Mint Set, 1966 & 1966-D Mint Sets, 1968 Mint Sets, 1971 & 1972 Mint Sets, 1975 & 1977 Mint Sets, 1978 Mint Sets, 1980 & 1981 Mint Sets, Other Mint Sets, Silver Bicentennial Set, Boxes of Roosevelt Dime Proofs, Boxes of Lincoln Cent Proofs, Boxes of JFK Half Clad Dollar Proof.

US DOLLARS: 3 – 1921 Peace Silver “Key” Dollars, Other Various Peace Silver Dollars, Over 100 Morgan Silver Dollars, Morgan Silver Dollar Red Velvet Sets (1883-O to 1885-O), 
1879-CC Morgan Silver “Key” Dollar, Other Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars, Some of the Peace & Morgan Silver Dollars being sold in Lots with Consecutive Dates, Sacajawea Dollars (Some Colored), Presidential Dollars & Other Various Dollars.

US HALF DOLLARS: Barber Silver Half Dollars, Liberty Walking Silver Halves (Some Marked AU & MS), 1955 Ben Franklin “Bugs Bunny” Half Dollars, Other Various BF Silver Half Dollars, 1964 JFK Silver Half Dollars, JFK Silver Clad Halves, 1893 Colombian Expedition Halves, Liberty Walking Halves Book (1941-1947 Almost Complete), Book of Ben Franklin Halves (1948-1963), 9 – Tubes of JFK Silver Clad Half Dollars.

US MISC SMALLER DENOMINATION COINS: 1897-S Barber Silver Quarter, Various Other Barber Silver Quarters, 1927-S Standing Liberty Quarters, Various Other Standing Liberty Quarters, Capped Bust Silver Dimes (1830, 1832, 1833’s, 1835), Wash. Silver Quarters,
1876-CC Liberty Seated Dime (AU), Liberty Seated Silver Dimes, Barber Silver Dimes, 1921 & 1921-D Mercury Dimes, Various Other Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Silver Dimes, 1891 Liberty Seated Dime (MS), Some Roosevelt & Mercury Dimes (Marked MS & BU), Complete Book of Mercury Dimes (1916-1945 Includes 1916-D), Boxes of Mercury Dimes, Complete Book of Mercury Dimes (1916-1945 Except for 1916-D), Incomplete Book of Mercury Dimes, Several Mercury & Roosevelt Dimes Marked “Errors”, Roosevelt Dime Books, Boxes of Roosevelt Silver Dimes, Several Liberty Seated Half Dimes, V-Nickels, Bags of Hundreds of Buffalo Nickels, Boxes of Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson War Nickels, Boxes of Jefferson Nickels, Jefferson Nickel Book (1938-1964), Various Other Jefferson Nickels, Three Cent Pieces (1865, 1869, 1871), Two Cent Pieces, 1828 (13-Star) & 1832 Half Cents, Various Commemorative Coins (Some Silver), Cases with Various US Coins and More.

LINCOLN WHEATS – INDIAN HEAD & MISC CENTS: Large Cents (1818, 1831, 1833), 1858 Flying Eagle Cent, Indian Head Cents (1866, 1869, 1870, 1871), Hundreds of Indian Head Cents, Several Lincoln 1909 VDB’s, 1909’s, 1911-D’s, 1911-S’s, 1912-S’s, 1913-S’s, 1914-S’s, 1915-S, 1922-D’s, 1924-D’s, 1926-S’s & Various Other Wheat Cents, Lincoln Cent Books, Box of Steel Cents, Boxes of Wheat Cents, Bags & Rolls of Misc Wheat Cents, Lincoln Memorial Cents (Marked BU), Wheat & Memorial Cents Marked “Error”, 
2 – Cloth Bank Bags of Unsearched Wheat Cents (20.5 LB & 22.5 LB), Boxes of Indian Head Pennies, Several “Key Dates” on Many Types of US Cents. Hundreds of Rolls of 2009 & 2009 Mint Uncirculated Lincoln Cents (Various Amounts of 4 – Issues), Other Rolls & Tubes of Newer Uncirculated Various Cents.

FOREIGN COINS: Peru Silver Coins, Canadian Silver Coins, Mexico Silver Coins, Filipinas Silver Dime, 1913 French Coin, 1808 India Copper Coin, 37 – UK Large Pennies, Bahama Islands Silver Rounds, Australian Silver Coins, Bags of Foreign Coins, Several Canadian Proof Sets, Canada Parks Silver Proof Dollars, British ¼ oz Silver Coins, 13 – Canada Large Cents, Box of 222 Canadian Coins, Isle of the Man Cat Coins, Various Other Coins.

TOKENS – STAMPS – OTHER MISC ITEMS: Towle Sterling Christmas Medallions, Transportation Tokens (Baltimore, Boston, DC), Nickel Bars, Sterling Silver Medal,         2-Holders Marked American Museum of Atomic Energy with 1927 & 1940 Mercury Dimes, 
Civil War Token (Chas. W. Stearns Clev. OH), Several Mint Stamp Sets, Unused US Stamp Sheets (Includes States, Baseball, Legends of Hollywood & More), USPS First Day Issue Covers, 1971 Imperial Glass Crystal 9” Coin Plate, Large Box of Coin Holder & Collector Coin Books, Large Box of Coin Binders & Coin Supplies.