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Professional staff, excellent service and support for their online live streaming auctions. I recently participated in a True Blue Auction and had a great experience from beginning to end. In todays world of not believing until seeing, especially being located across the country, I have to say Skip and his team are a breath of fresh air. No hidden fees or extra charges that many other auction houses ring up after the auction is completed. The auction ended on Saturday and the 1st shipment was on its way on Monday less than 48 hours from the actual auction. Heck many times an invoice to start the closing of the purchase takes a week and shipping sometimes takes 30 days.

I seldom give 2 thumbs up or 5 stars – but in this case I would give them a 5 Star with a +. Thanks

Michael Fell 
, True Blue Auctions

Thanks Skip and True Blue auctions for you professional service in selling my fathers Property, and it contents, Your staff was very courteous and worked very hard under some windy conditions.
Thanks again, and will let you know if I will need your services in the future.

Charles D. Peters Jr. 
, True Blue Auctions

Our clients Darlene & Raymond Shriner at 6386 Sullivan Trail, Wind Gap, PA 18091 interviewed three different Agents/Realtors who said list the property at $135K and told them to then offer $5K to “assist the buyer” at closing. They had us sell at auction where the hammer price was $141K. Further the seller paid No Closing Costs, No Taxes and the final price was $141K. Not including the closing cost the final price for the property is over $148,050.00
Could you imagine what they would have received if they sold the property with an agent/realtor? Do the math! Even if they would have received their list price at $140K deduct the $5,000.00 assisting the buyers and another $8,400.00 to pay the agent/realtor and another $1,400.00 in taxes and you are at $125,200.00 *Remember this is IF they actually would receive their list price! You know that just doesn’t happen! Further, on average around the country it is near six months and these folks have been delayed over half a year from being able to move on with their lives.

Darlene & Raymond Shriner 
, True Blue Auctions

Hi Skip,
Thank you for your services. Despite the outcome, Richard said that you did an outstanding job for us. He said it was well organized and professional.
Thanks again,

Jan Freeman Knisley LUXE Home Interiors
, True Blue Auctions

Thank you again for everything. The Supervisors really appreciate it and were very impressed with your work and obviously pleased with the outcome.

, True Blue Auctions

We received more interest in the three months you were marketing our home for auction than the realtor had in a year and a half.  You helped us receive twenty five thousand more than the highest offer the realtor could bring.

Reynolds Plantation – Lake Oconee Greensboro, Georgia

The owners had their property listed with an Agent/Realtor for over 1.5 years with no success. Connie & Don contacted us and asked if we could get them the results they wanted. We did and then some…

Don & Connie Pilgrim  
, True Blue Auctions

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Skip, and being very honest, I can tell you that he is very straightforward, honest, and most helpful. He is not pushy, which was greatly appreciated, which is hard to find when involved in sales. He’s not interested in what he is getting out of it, he is truly only interested in what is best for you and your happiness, which ultimately is helping the buyer and the seller.

Wendy Shaffer 
, True Blue Auctions

You sold the house! I know it was an uphill battle, but you overcame the odds and made it happen. April and I can’t thank you enough.
Having never before participated in an auction, I admit I was a bit skeptical at first. But right from the start we realized that you were a true professional, who had the motivation, skill, and integrity to get the job done. You didn’t let us down. We would be more than willing to recommend your services to anyone who, like us, has a “difficult” house to sell. Please do not hesitate to use us as a future reference.
Best of luck in the future.
Forever grateful,
Larry and April

Dr. Larry & April Kleiman 
, True Blue Auctions

Once again, I know that we made the right choice coming to you. I get the feeling that you have had more lucrative auctions than ours, but you don’t make us feel that way. You have certainly been a godsend to us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

After some deliberation with my sibling we decided to check into an auction and we found True Blue Auctions on the internet.

All I can say is without Skip and his team of professionals who were there each and every time I had even the smallest question, I couldn’t have done it. I know my mom was watching down from Heaven for us to find such an honest and christian based team. They were a true blessing to my family!
Again, Skip we couldn’t have done it without you.

Dayna Clay-Anderson 
, True Blue Auctions

Well organized and accommodating. Very professional.

Ken Maxon  
, True Blue Auctions

Great sale very professional. Thanks for the experience!

Cynthia Diehl  
, True Blue Auctions

They were very helpful providing requested information and pleasant to deal with

Marla Holderman Hosterman  
, True Blue Auctions

Skip had been very accessible with all our questions as we are new auction attendees.
Professional and thorough group, thank you!

Zachary H Smith 
, True Blue Auctions

True Blue Auctions recently helped my wife and her sister settle their family estate on Norle St. in State College after their mother could no longer live there alone. Both my wife and her sister live out of town and had limited time to deal with getting rid of house hold things, and marketing and selling the home.

Skip (owner of True Blue Auctions) was a pleasure to work with from the beginning. His services seemed too good to be true. He and his team sorted all the family’s things and sold them after the family took what they wanted. True Blue cleaned, staged, and marketed the house. The house sold for a great price. The family didn’t have to do anything.

Skip is honest and kind and does quality work. He follows through on all of his promises. The family couldn’t have been more pleased. What might have been a very stressful process, was quite easy with Skip’s help. His company was a true blessing to us, and we would recommend him to anyone.

Steve Fetter 
, True Blue Auctions

I’d like to take a moment to thank Skip Dreibelbis and True Blue Auctions for the kindness recently afforded regarding my deceased mother’s estate. I recently contacted Skip to secure auction services for my mother’s household items. In spite of the realization that an auction would likely be a money-losing proposition and not worth the effort, Skip was still willing to help, stating that “doing the right thing was more important than the money”. Skip wanted this to be my family’s decision, not his. I ultimately made arrangements to give mom’s items to charity. But it is gratifying to meet someone who places his Christian valves above making a buck. Skip, It is a pleasure to have crossed pathes and I wish you the best in your endeavors. Sincerely, Craig Holden

Craig Holden 
, True Blue Auctions

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to recommend Skip” Dreibelbis of True Blue Auctions as a professional auctioneer.  I have had the good fortune to meet this gentleman in an effort to auction my home in Philipsburg, PA.  I witnessed the wonderful workmanship that he used to place my home up for auction.  He took pictures of my home from the outside and from the inside, processing the images with the latest technologies to emphasize the innate beauty of my property.  He even used a drone to get excellent views of my property to show to potential bidders.  He exercised great judgment in his placement of ads in his effort to find a suitable buyer for my home.  Contractual clarity was one of his assets, as he makes every effort to make certain to the seller that the terms and conditions of his obligations to the seller, and of the seller to him, are unambiguous and clear.  He only asks for a modest fee for his work, much more reasonable than that of other auctioneers.  Also, I may add that Mr. Dreibelbis made no effort to gouge me and he is of a very kind and cooperative disposition.  He is a devout Christian who practices his beliefs.
Again, I strongly recommend Mr. Skip” Dreibelbis to any potential client seeking to auction his home.
Joseph Montes, Ph.D.

Joseph Montes, Ph.D. 
, True Blue Auctions

Once again, I know that we made the right choice coming to you. I get the feeling that you have had more lucrative auctions than ours, but you don’t make us feel that way. You have certainly been a godsend to us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Cathy Young 
, True Blue Auctions