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Lot 2 - 296 Old Tyrone Pike Philipsburg pa 16866

This will be a true multi-parcel auction with Real Estate selling without reserve...

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296 Old Tyrone Pike Philipsburg PA 16866

This is one of three parcels will be sold Absolute to the highest bidder regardless of price at this no reserve multi-parcel real estate auction. Do not miss this opportunity to buy this property or any combination of the properties offered!
296 Tyrone Pike Philipsburg PA 16866 features 2.72 acres
Tax ID Number: 05-014-,090-,0000-
Parcel Type: Standard
Deeded Acres: 2.72
Deed Book: 1936-0273
Municipalities: RUSH TOWNSHIP
Site Location: 296 OLD TYRONE PIKE
Property Type: RO


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