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North Carolina Auction Services

Matching You With The Highest Quality North Carolina Auction Services In Real Estate, Estates, Liquidations, Equipment & Machinery & More...

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True Blue Auctions: Helping You With NC Auction Services for Auctions in North Carolina


Lack of time or knowledge when selling any kind of item, will result in not getting the best return for your items. Using a professional auction service is one way to avoid this problem.

Here at True Blue Auctions we are able to bring specialists in NC, auctioneers with experience in many category types to help you reach your goals. We have services to match the best brokers and auctioneers to ensure you get the best deal possible when selling at auctions in NC.


After serving ten years in the military, True Blue Auctions was founded by Skip Dreibelbis.  Auctioneering has been part of the Dreibelbis family for generations.  His cousin Don Dreibelbis had a practice for over 40 years.  Skips parents would take Skip and his brother Scott to auctions in their youth.  In his late teens and early twenties Skip worked part time at Nittany Auto Auction. 


Real Estate Auctions

Real estate sales are our primary service where we match you with the best brokers we know to help you reach your goals. Using traditional real estate methods has too many disadvantages. The stringent inspections, over demanding buyers and endless negotiations will put you under pressure and only result in a less than optimal final price. We can help you with the best broker possible to sell your home quickly and efficiently at an auction in NC.


Luxury Properties and Homes

Selling luxury homes at a good price is not an easy task. Luckily we have years of experience in such sales. Our service will help minimize costs and maximize profit when we match you with brokers we know. We will help bring qualified buyers to you and quickly sell your luxury property at the highest market price.

Estate Auctions

Liquidating an estate can be a difficult and delicate process. Estate administration becomes necessary when a loved one passes away or the estate owner is moving house. It is a very stressful time for the family involved. There are many sate and federal laws that need to be followed, which just adds to the complication. Make use of our comprehensive service to quickly complete the estate auctioning process by letting us help you with the best aucitoneers to suit your needs.


Bankruptcy Auctions

Reduce the stress of a bankruptcy situation, with True Blue Auctions. Our specialized liquidation experts will bring you the most return for the company assets when we help you find the right specialist.


Many people have some hidden gems among their possessions. Selling an antique on your own can be hit or miss, unless you are already an expert on the subject.  Here is where we help match you with the best one possible with your specific needs.


Need to sell part or all of your collection? A lack of space or money might give you cause to sell your collectibles. Make sure you get the real value from your items, by consulting with our team to help you find the best auctioneer for your collectibles.


4 Simple Steps to selling your items at auctions in NC

Let True Blue Auctions help you have your auction in just four simple steps:

1. Give us a call - Give our North Carolina auction experts a call so we can match you with the best auctioneer to suit your needs.

2. Consultation - We will consult with you over the phone and in person to inspect and value your items to match with the best auctioneer.

3. Marketing - Promotional material will be gathered and created to help auctioneers advertise your property or items. We have years of experience in developing effective marketing strategies.

4. Make a Profit - Our auction team will help you with betting the best auctioneer to sell in a professional manner for you to get you the best price.

Contact Us Today

We are ready and waiting to take all your calls to help assemble an NC auction team and present you with the ideal service options to auction off your items. Call us today.

Call 347-470-SOLD(7653)

Call Toll-Free 866-377-2BID(2243) & 866-282-SELL(7355)

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